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ChunShui Intimate Lubricants (Extra Smooth - 300ml)

ChunShui Intimate Lubricants (Extra Smooth - 300ml)
ChunShui Intimate Lubricants (Extra Smooth - 300ml)
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  • Weight: 310.00g
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MaterialNatural Materials Not Allergic
Net Weight300g
FunctionClimax, Extra Smooth
Net Capacity300ML
Shelf Life36 Month
*In the early days, glycerin and hydrophilic substances were the main components of human body lubricant. Later, after improvement, sodium hyaluronate, ethyl cellulose, carbomer and other components were added. After improvement, the viscosity was reduced, the pH value was balanced, so that it was as similar as human body fluids as possible, and the incidence of allergic symptoms was reduced. Now, you have a clear understanding of what human body lubricant is, but is it easy to use? Of course, it is very useful. The greatest effect of body lubricant is during masturbation. A small drop of lubricant can turn an ordinary "manual work" into a lubricating and erotic experience. At the same time, it can also be used to eliminate the discomfort of first-time sex or long-time sex. Couples can also use it when having sex in the bath, because lubricant can eliminate dryness caused by water. In addition, human body lubricant is a lubricant specially designed for human body, which is different from mechanical use and has wide applicability and high safety. A good human body lubricant not only increases the lubrication effect, enhances sexual pleasure, makes sexual life more harmonious, and enhances the feelings between husband and wife; At the same time, it can reduce skin damage and reduce the erosion opportunity of harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses to the human body; Effectively reduce the damage of condoms and reduce the chance of accidental conception.

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