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Japan GALAKU Touch In Vibration Sucking Mastubator Cup (Chargeable - Volcano)

Japan GALAKU Touch In Vibration Sucking Mastubator Cup (Chargeable - Volcano)
Japan GALAKU Touch In Vibration Sucking Mastubator Cup (Chargeable - Volcano)
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  • Weight: 400.00g
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RM 115.00
MaterialABS + TPE Silica Gel
Net Weight210g
WashableDisassembly Cleaning Only
FunctionSuction, Vibration
BatteryRechargeable Lithium ion Battery
Charging TypeUSB Port
Charging TimeAbout 2 Hour
Endurance> 1 Hour
Decibel LevelLess Then 40dB
Suction ModeDefault
Vibration Mode20 Mode
HeatingExtra Add On Heating Rod
AccessoriesCharging Cable, User Guide, Certification
*Touch in is inspired by magniffcent nature! different landforms are formed by different baptism of natural forces, which conforms to the law of eneray flow. Several Colour able to choose, different of texture and felling. touch in extracts natural elements and converts them into abstract texture to create "natural "Mastubator Cup"!!! This Touch in masturbators stroker has 20 vibration modes, you can adjust the mode at any time according to your state, speed, mood, etc. Different stimuli depending on the mode, brings you the marvelous sexual experience.

Lubricants effectively reduce friction during toy use or masturbation, making the process more comfortable and pleasurable. Specialized masturbation lubricants have a thick, creamy texture and high viscosity, offering excellent moisturizing effects. They perfectly complement various sex toys while maintaining the integrity and quality of the toy materials. Ample lubrication ensures a smooth experience, enhancing every intimate moment for greater pleasure and satisfaction.

The warming rod can rapidly increase to 48°C in just three minutes. Simply turn on the switch, and it will automatically begin the heating process. Then, please wait patiently until the rod reaches a temperature slightly above normal body temperature, which means it can provide a realistic female vaginal temperature for your sex toys. This precise heating design not only enhances comfort during use but also delivers a more authentic experience, making each use more enjoyable and satisfying.

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Effectively prolongs masturbation time and enhances endurance. Its active ingredients help delay ejaculation by reducing sensitivity, thereby improving the overall sexual experience. Suitable for use with tight, realistic masturbators and for situations where rapid thrusting leads to premature ejaculation. Gain better control over your timing and enjoy a fully functional experience, resulting in prolonged and satisfying moments.
Founded in 2012, GALAKU is a new generation Japanese brand dedicated to producing high-quality adult products. With the core philosophy of "rejecting vulgarity and returning to experience," the brand focuses on enhancing user experience. GALAKU adheres to a premium strategy, leading the direction and trends in the adult products industry, and is committed to providing high-quality adult products. With its commitment to high standards, GALAKU has earned the trust and support of a wide range of consumers, establishing an excellent brand image.

Product Range and Quality
GALAKU offers an extensive range of products aimed at satisfying various preferences and needs, ensuring that every user can enjoy a personalized and pleasurable experience. The brand's commitment to quality is evident in every product's design and manufacturing process. GALAKU products are made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability, safety, and functionality. The flagship products of GALAKU include innovative smart vibrators and eco-friendly adult products. This relentless pursuit of quality is a crucial factor in GALAKU becoming a reliable and respected brand in the industry.

Global Market and Influence
Over the years, GALAKU has significantly expanded its market influence, with its products now reaching consumers in Europe and North America. This global expansion highlights the brand's commitment to excellence and its ability to meet diverse global needs. GALAKU's products are renowned for their reliability and innovation, further solidifying the brand's international reputation. In the North American market, GALAKU's products have received high ratings and positive reviews on multiple e-commerce platforms.

Commitment to Innovation and Excellence
The core of GALAKU's success lies in its relentless pursuit of innovation. The brand continually invests in research and development to incorporate cutting-edge technology and design into its product range. By staying ahead of industry trends and understanding the ever-changing consumer demands, GALAKU consistently offers products that not only meet but exceed expectations. For instance, the brand's launch of smart interactive adult products controlled via mobile apps has significantly enhanced the user experience. This forward-thinking attitude ensures that GALAKU remains a leader in the adult products market.

Consumer Trust and Support
GALAKU's success is inseparable from the strong trust and support of its consumers. By continually providing high-quality products that enhance user experience, GALAKU has built a growing loyal customer base. The brand's focus on user satisfaction and continuous improvement plays a crucial role in its ongoing popularity and market presence. Word-of-mouth and positive feedback from consumers further strengthen GALAKU's market position.

Future Prospects
GALAKU will continue to focus on innovation and quality, constantly enhancing the user experience and expanding its global market. The brand aims to further solidify its leadership position in the adult products industry by introducing more high-quality products. Additionally, GALAKU will continue to listen to consumers, maintaining close contact with customers to ensure that each product meets their needs and expectations. Through continuous efforts and innovation, GALAKU is dedicated to becoming a benchmark brand in the global adult products market.

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