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MizzZee - Asian Uniforms Temptation Series Masturbator (Anal - Oral Sex)

MizzZee - Asian Uniforms Temptation Series Masturbator (Anal - Oral Sex)
MizzZee - Asian Uniforms Temptation Series Masturbator (Anal - Oral Sex)
MizzZee - Asian Uniforms Temptation Series Masturbator (Anal - Oral Sex)
MizzZee - Asian Uniforms Temptation Series Masturbator (Anal - Oral Sex)
MizzZee - Asian Uniforms Temptation Series Masturbator (Anal - Oral Sex)
MizzZee - Asian Uniforms Temptation Series Masturbator (Anal - Oral Sex)
MizzZee - Asian Uniforms Temptation Series Masturbator (Anal - Oral Sex)
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RM 29.00
MaterialABS + TPE
Net Weight360g
Dual HoleVaginal & Anal Sex
HeatingExtra Add On Heating Rod
*Each asian uniforms temptation series masturbator features a unique split-tunnel design that effectively gives you double the experience for the price of one. Depending on which end you use, you can enjoy vaginal sex anal sex or oral sex with the same masturbator. The Green features tight ridges that will drive you wild, the regular nubs stimulating your cock with each thrust. The Yellow has more natural, irregular tunnels, with bumps and protrusions that more closely simulate human anatomy. The Purple Tight Stimulate is the tightest of the three, as if you are fucking a fresh teen who can barely take your cock. All sleeves can be removed from the cup for easy cleaning and use like a traditional masturbator.

Lubricants effectively reduce friction during toy use or masturbation, making the process more comfortable and pleasurable. Specialized masturbation lubricants have a thick, creamy texture and high viscosity, offering excellent moisturizing effects. They perfectly complement various sex toys while maintaining the integrity and quality of the toy materials. Ample lubrication ensures a smooth experience, enhancing every intimate moment for greater pleasure and satisfaction.

The warming rod can rapidly increase to 48°C in just three minutes. Simply turn on the switch, and it will automatically begin the heating process. Then, please wait patiently until the rod reaches a temperature slightly above normal body temperature, which means it can provide a realistic female vaginal temperature for your sex toys. This precise heating design not only enhances comfort during use but also delivers a more authentic experience, making each use more enjoyable and satisfying.

Regular cleaning of sex toys is a crucial step in maintaining their optimal condition. This not only helps extend the lifespan of the toys and their motors but also prevents the accumulation and spread of bacteria and microorganisms on the toy's surface. Although genitalia itself is usually not "dirty," bacteria and microbes can build up on the toys and potentially spread. To avoid bacterial growth and potential infections, it is essential to thoroughly clean your toys regularly, ensuring a healthy and enjoyable sexual experience.

Virtual reality technology can simulate experiences that are either similar to or completely different from the real world, offering limitless possibilities. Especially in the realm of masturbation, VR technology provides highly realistic simulated environments and interactive experiences, allowing individuals to immerse themselves in various scenarios and sensations. Virtual reality creates a new dimension of experience, helping people explore personal desires and achieve deeper satisfaction.

Effectively prolongs masturbation time and enhances endurance. Its active ingredients help delay ejaculation by reducing sensitivity, thereby improving the overall sexual experience. Suitable for use with tight, realistic masturbators and for situations where rapid thrusting leads to premature ejaculation. Gain better control over your timing and enjoy a fully functional experience, resulting in prolonged and satisfying moments.

Brand Introduction
Founded in 2012, MizzZee is a leading brand focused on meeting the demand for realistic sex toys. The core philosophy of the brand is "Making Imagination Tangible." Through innovative design and advanced technology, MizzZee aims to create realistic appearances and lifelike tactile sensations and channel stimulation experiences. The introduction of voice recordings from adult film actresses further enhances the realism and interactivity of the products. By combining visual, tactile, auditory, and olfactory dimensions, this comprehensive sensory experience not only fulfills the basic functions of sex toys but also allows users to deeply immerse themselves in realistic scenarios, exploring and enjoying to the fullest.

Mission and Core Values
MizzZee's mission is to explore the mysteries of the human body and provide users with the ultimate sexual pleasure experience. The brand consistently adheres to the product philosophy of "health, comfort, and realism." Promoting the attitude of "pursuing oneself, liberating oneself," MizzZee continuously challenges and redefines the boundaries of sex toys through meticulous product design and profound understanding of user needs. Each product is a relentless pursuit of technology and innovation, bringing users an unparalleled sexual experience and helping everyone find their own source of happiness and enjoy the beauty and freedom of life.

Product Features and Innovation
MizzZee is beloved by young urbanites for its diverse range of products, excellent quality, rapid updates, and high cost-performance ratio. The brand boasts a professional R&D team, including structural engineers, industrial designers, and product designers. Every year, MizzZee invests tens of millions in product innovation and development, continuously increasing the investment proportion to accelerate the pace of innovation. From the selection of raw materials to product design and testing, MizzZee consistently upholds craftsmanship, striving to deliver a unique and high-quality experience to users.

Quality Assurance and Technology
MizzZee introduces advanced testing equipment and stringent quality control processes to ensure all products undergo rigorous waterproof, dustproof, and noise tests, and provides comprehensive quality inspection reports. These measures not only guarantee product reliability but also reflect the brand's high responsibility for user health and satisfaction.

Milestones and Achievements
Since its establishment, MizzZee has achieved numerous significant milestones and notable accomplishments in the sex toy industry. From R&D to sales, the brand is committed to pursuing perfection at every step.

• 2015: Global sales surpassed 50 million units.

• 2016: Global sales exceeded 140 million units.

• 2017-2020: Ranked first in overall brand traffic on e-commerce platforms for four consecutive years.

• 2018: Established a brand quality inspection warehouse, further enhancing product quality standards.

• 2019: Global sales exceeded 200 million units.

• 2020: Signed Japanese actress Arina Hashimoto, expanding brand influence.

• 2021: Partnered with Yua Mikami, further solidifying brand image and operational strategy.

• 2022: Initially formulated comprehensive corporate standards and continued to expand and optimize the lineup of actresses.

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