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Please Me - Lifelike Style Realistic Vagina (18 Years Old)

Please Me - Lifelike Style Realistic Vagina (18 Years Old)
Please Me - Lifelike Style Realistic Vagina (18 Years Old)
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ColourSkin Colour
Net Weight350g
WaterproofAll-Round Waterproof
WashableFully Washable
HeatingExtra Add On Heating Rod
*Embrace a novel experience at 18, as we proudly present an engaging product. Like a blossoming flower, it brings an unprecedented sense of unique tightness. Its internal design mimics the sensation of a tongue's gentle suction, delivering all-encompassing pleasure. Within this realm of novelty, you'll discover unparalleled comfort and enjoyment

Lubricants effectively reduce friction during toy use or masturbation, making the process more comfortable and pleasurable. Specialized masturbation lubricants have a thick, creamy texture and high viscosity, offering excellent moisturizing effects. They perfectly complement various sex toys while maintaining the integrity and quality of the toy materials. Ample lubrication ensures a smooth experience, enhancing every intimate moment for greater pleasure and satisfaction.

The warming rod can rapidly increase to 48°C in just three minutes. Simply turn on the switch, and it will automatically begin the heating process. Then, please wait patiently until the rod reaches a temperature slightly above normal body temperature, which means it can provide a realistic female vaginal temperature for your sex toys. This precise heating design not only enhances comfort during use but also delivers a more authentic experience, making each use more enjoyable and satisfying.

Regular cleaning of sex toys is a crucial step in maintaining their optimal condition. This not only helps extend the lifespan of the toys and their motors but also prevents the accumulation and spread of bacteria and microorganisms on the toy's surface. Although genitalia itself is usually not "dirty," bacteria and microbes can build up on the toys and potentially spread. To avoid bacterial growth and potential infections, it is essential to thoroughly clean your toys regularly, ensuring a healthy and enjoyable sexual experience.

Virtual reality technology can simulate experiences that are either similar to or completely different from the real world, offering limitless possibilities. Especially in the realm of masturbation, VR technology provides highly realistic simulated environments and interactive experiences, allowing individuals to immerse themselves in various scenarios and sensations. Virtual reality creates a new dimension of experience, helping people explore personal desires and achieve deeper satisfaction.

Effectively prolongs masturbation time and enhances endurance. Its active ingredients help delay ejaculation by reducing sensitivity, thereby improving the overall sexual experience. Suitable for use with tight, realistic masturbators and for situations where rapid thrusting leads to premature ejaculation. Gain better control over your timing and enjoy a fully functional experience, resulting in prolonged and satisfying moments.
PLEASE ME was established in 2007 as the first company approved by the government to produce and sell adult products. With exceptional product quality and continuous innovation, PLEASE ME has rapidly risen to become a leading global company in the field of home health and personal care products. Our diverse range of products, from intimate items to personal care, has gained the trust and affection of consumers.

Mission and Vision
Since its inception, PLEASE ME has adhered to the philosophy of "enhancing quality of life and caring for health," dedicated to providing high-quality products and services. Our R&D team continuously explores and innovates, leading industry trends and launching unique, exquisite products to meet the varied needs of consumers. Through stringent quality control and attentive service, PLEASE ME has quickly captured the domestic market.

Development and Market Influence
PLEASE ME has achieved significant influence both domestically and internationally. Our products are not only popular in the domestic market but are also exported to 27 countries and regions, including Japan, the United States, Australia, and France. This success marks an important milestone in brand development and symbolizes the entry of the adult products industry into a new era.

Pursuit of Excellence in Innovation
PLEASE ME excels in manufacturing high-fidelity silicone intimate products that simulate the feel of real skin, delivering an ultimate user experience. We place a high emphasis on R&D to ensure that each product meets the highest safety and pleasure standards. Whether it's vibrators, dildos, or other intimate accessories, PLEASE ME offers a rich product line aimed at enhancing sexual health and satisfaction.

Commitment to Quality
The core of PLEASE ME's success lies in our relentless pursuit of quality. We prioritize quality as our main task, employing rigorous testing and quality control to ensure that each product meets the highest standards. Throughout the design and production process, we pay attention to every detail, from the selection of raw materials to the final product inspection, ensuring everything is flawless.

Future Outlook
PLEASE ME will continue to focus on the user, gaining deep insights into consumer needs, driving product innovation, and strengthening interactions with consumers, listening to their feedback to better meet diverse demands. We believe that through technological advancement and design innovation, PLEASE ME strives to establish a stronger brand presence in international markets, becoming the preferred brand for global consumers. We look forward to sharing our philosophy and products with more consumers, allowing everyone to experience a safe, comfortable, and pleasurable intimate life.

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