How well do you know about the classification of Sex toys products?

Sex toys is a word class used to summarize a variety of sexual devices, including "sexual aid", "sexual medical devices"  and so on. Sometimes people mistakenly consider all the apparatus used to improve the sexual function as "sex toys", or even derogatorily called "obscene tools", and generally outlawed, which is a lack of identification and analysis.

In order to better understand the whole picture of adult toys, Chinese sexologist Dr. Ruan Fang Fu introduced the concept of erotic devices and their classification at the first Thai Clinical Sexology Training Course held in Bangkok, Thailand in April 1995, dividing erotic devices into three sub-categories:

A. "Sexual medical apparatus", used exclusively for patients with sexual disfunction, is a therapeutic apparatus.

B. "Sex toys", completely used for general enhancement of sexual stimulation, sexual excitement, a wide range of names, a variety of different countries, different cultures, their acceptance and choice vary, or even completely prohibited in the market circulation.

C. “Multi-usage sexual aids”, this product can be used as both therapeutic, compensatory applications, but also as a toy, and therefore need to be analyzed and treated differently. For example, the sex doll female  and the male love doll, which are used as substitute partners for people with disabilities, it is a kind of compensatory and health care implications with humane measure, it should be supported and developed; and as toys, are completely different and should be treated differently. It should be treated differently.

Research statistics

21 September 2020 /PRNewswire/ - Ella Paradis, a trusted source for adult toys, released a new study in <<Sexual Health Awareness Month>> that investigates how satisfied Americans are with sex toys as part of their overall sexual health.

The study shows that nearly all Americans (98%) consider sexual pleasure to be part of overall sexual health, and more than half of Americans (61%) purchase sex toys not only for themselves but also for their partners. This shows how society's libido is relaxing as people become creative when it comes to sex and want to have more fun in a pandemic.

Sexual health is an important part of our health, and sexual pleasure is linked to overall well-being. According to the World Health Organization, "Sexual health is a state of physical, psychological and social well-being associated with sex." Sex toys are categorized as sexual health products whose primary purpose is to provide safe sex and help enhance sexual pleasure.

Tino Dietrich, CEO of Ella Paradis, explains, "We believe everyone deserves a happy and healthy sex life. We strive to empower men and women-to increase confidence and celebrate their bodies as part of a healthy sex life."

Key findings

98% of people believe that sexual pleasure is part of overall sexual health.

68% of people are taking steps to maintain their sexual health, while 12% say that they are unable to maintain good sexual health.

61% of respondents buy sex toys for themselves and their partners; 23% of it buy sex toys only for themselves, while 11% of it buy sex toys for their partners.

41% of Americans use sex toys for masturbation and for sex; 30% of respondents use sex toy only for masturbation, while 28% use them for sex.

The survey was conducted during Sept 15-17, 2020, among a national sample of 1,330 adults between the ages of 18-54 (58 percent male/ 40 percent female).


As we all know, the dildo (an artificial penis) is the most frequently used sex toys for girls, and the male Masturbation cup are a must for sex toys. When a person is guarding a lonely night, use the dildo to drive away loneliness is much better than hook up girls in the nightclub, so do not think that the use of dildo is on the end of the world!

As the oldest sex toys, the type of dildo can be described as a variety of styles and colors to choose from Of course, do not choose to blindly pursue the size and power, the initial selection of delicate and lovely is the best!

If you pursue the ultimate stimulation, then only the big guy could be your choice, such as the wind cannon type, that is, the legendary gun machine (fxxking Machine)!

Fully automatic telescopic vibration plus multi-speed, super 24 hours non-stop piling, you just need to lie down like the queen and enjoys.

A kindly reminder for all the girls, the size must be grasped, or else failing to enter can be embarrassing!


Vibrator, with the shape like a dildo, can be called as “sexual oscillation massager”. There are many models of this product, made of extremely soft materials, hard as the natural state of the human body, made of hard plastic; shaped like a dildo, shaped like a small oval ball; there are smooth, there have surface texture with protrusions, a wide range of specifications device; there are type of using battery, type of using alternating current, there are two kinds of power available; there are variable speed or a single speed; there are variable contact head or a single contact head; there are also vibrator come with a wearer. Vibrator be used to treat female sexual indifference and or orgasm disorder, ** too fast (premature ejaculation), erectile disfunction (impotence) and other disorders.

Many people would confuse the vibrator with the simulated dildo, but this is not the truth.

The main function of the vibrator is to massage rather than stick, mostly to stimulate the clitoris. The constant tremors and shaking can let you orgasm like a spring in minutes, of course, this thing is not fully automatic, self-play at other body parts with sensitive zones are very suitable also!

Cooperate with boyfriend using the vibrator can brings better effect, after all, two together is the best!

There are some thoughtful inventions also such as massage fingers and massage tongue, a variety of highly imitative male teasing methods, theoretically you can achieve the effect of three Kato Hawk serving you, a good start for the boyfriend's big move.

Vibrating Egg

As a long history of sex toys, vibrating egg can be considered the most popular female sex toys, exquisite shape with lovely appearance are able to attract girls to be crazy with it, of course, the most important thing is the concealment and portability of this thing!

Ways of playing it have also been developed by all the girls and old drivers to the fullest, such as playing the switch accidentally broken, stuffing several at the same time, or simply stuff one into it and directly get into the theme, ensuring that both men and women are going to heaven!

And now the vibrating egg is also based on the ordinary vibration type, developed remote control to control the vibrating egg, super vibration, ergonomics, and many other different types.

For example, there are model that adjust different vibration levels according to different men's voices! Wearable cell phone remote control. Can be plays while on the street in public!

There is also built-in APP with a remote call and music vibration function, you can have a exciting song anytime, anywhere, others think you are intoxicated in fact you are sublimated!

Masturbation cup

According to an unreliable statistics, the sales of masturbation cups and the number of rapists is inversely proportional, so do not think that the use of masturbation cups is a great crime, if used properly, it is a much better experience than having five girls!

As a necessary tool for all jerk-offs, the types of cups are dazzling, with a variety of odd types that are difficult to hold! The ordinary type enables men to grasp the rhythm of how you want to play.

The most people chosen masturbation cup type is probably the famous weapon type, and Japan in this field or industry has probably reached an academic height, a variety of experience forms have been developed one by one, the major brands of different models have bring soft, suction, tightness to another level.

The most powerful is the Piston Gen masturbator type, automated pumping, eight-speed, circuit design in one of the great masterpieces.

Of course, there is a further development which is the reverse mold type, complete reshaping of the buttocks which basically can be the same as giving you half a girlfriend, wanted the shape of Sora Aoi or Yui Hatano is up to you. Some of the advanced goods also comes with the original moaning voice! Let’s appreciate the advance of technology!

Sex dolls

If the above mentioned is equal to half a girlfriend, then the sex dolls will make up the remaining half as well.

Sex dolls are greater to meet the needs of men for women, but also to learn in advance numerous sex positions and knowledge. And the focus is to meet the highest illusion, star models, anime is not a problem, if the sex doll in the texture is still lacking, then the silicone doll is perfect to make up for this, of course, the price you will know!

Prostate stimulation

It's time to talk about men's backyard massage, according to scientific statistics from nowhere, prostate orgasm is much more pleasurable than penis orgasm, not to mention the two coming at the same time, of course.

So girls, if you have the opportunity to use this prostate massager on your man, don't be hesitant. You just need to go a little bit further; u will then see your boyfriend’s face is fulfilled with excitement. Other than that, prostate massage can effectively relieve prostate disease.

You guys don't have to be nervous, afraid that if you like this feeling, will it indicate that you are gay, rest assured that the guys will not become gay because they have been blown up twice, and this inhuman pleasure, without experiencing it, it will be a waste of God specially gave you a so sensitive prostate!

Most of the prostate massager can also massage the area below the scrotum, and when doing so the guy will feel like a row of plugs!

However, this kind of thing is certainly not exclusive to men, the prostate massager for girl is also there, the effect is at the same time stimulate the G-spot and prostate.

There is even type of massager for two holes of girls to enjoy at the same time, with the vibration function, then the squirting is estimated to be as violent as a volcanic eruption! So, please be caution when using it!

Delay series

The length of sex time is always the favorite topic for guys, there are always people who boast that they can play one shot for several hours, a people said when bragging please restraint a little bit, which jerking off for several hours, the penis is probably swollen already.

But we always want to be a little longer, long lasting ability can always make the men feel full of pride, and with the increasingly developed technology, natural male prolongation class items must also be created to meet everyone.

The delay (long lasting) condom is one of the most simple and brutal way to make men become long lasting, as for the principle of it, in fact, is the inner layer of the addition of a thing called benzocaine. Benzocaine is an anesthetic that allows the contact part to quickly reduce sensitivity. Thus, extending the combat time!

Of course, if you are not using condoms, they will also have delay (long lasting) wet wipes, delay essential oil and delay glans sleeve, the principle is much the same, but to advise you this thing cannot be overused, a small partner and his girlfriend went to the hotel room, before having sex, the guy hide in the toilet to put on the delay essential oil on the penis as he want to have sex whole night without stopping. Unfortunately, it resulted in failure erection.

If men are using this kind of way to let their girlfriend feels more sex pleasure, the man should instead learn about skills of fingering, foreplay and etc rather than relying on external objects.

There is also a strange equipment,  which called the vacuum negative pressure exerciser for male, which is actually an erection aid, through the negative pressure to force the machine to keep pumping, it seems that it can also be used as a masturbation cup.

Sexy Lingerie

Sexy lingerie belongs to the adult toys, is a product of the combination of visual stimulation and sex, is a product enables people to meet their spiritual needs after the improvement of human materialistic life. Domestic sexy lingerie should be called as sexy clothing, it is between the product of lingerie and clothing. Just like many of the same adult toys, sexy lingerie in Europe and the United States and other countries is already very common products, but in the domestic market, sexy lingerie accepted by the public gradually in the last two years. It is foreseeable that, with the improvement of domestic materialistic life, sexy lingerie, will gradually reach to common people. sexy lingerie is a derivative product of lingerie, different from conventional lingerie, its focus tends to be "sexy", to form visual stimulation, to achieve physiological stimulation of the various senses.

Sexy lingerie is not only to please the male partner, but also to please the woman herself.

1. When a woman wears sexy lingerie, it will greatly stimulate the male body androgenic hormones, so that men are burning with desire.

2. Sexy lingerie is always laces, carved, hollow, transparent, or translucent, the purpose is to creating a sense of dazzling, so that women are fascinated by their own bodies, so that drives men's imagination, and make them feel excited.

3. For men, completely naked women is far less sexy than women wearing sexy lingerie, how sexy lingerie improve the quality of sex life, the reason may be that humans for excretion organs too close to the sex organs, there is a desire to welcome the ambivalence, coupled with cultural constraints, so that people easily produce a sense of shame.

4. In addition, the most powerful place of sexy lingerie is to let men in a kind of peeping mental state, to meet the overall shape of the imagination of that small cloth within the vague visible black bush.

What are the benefits of sexy lingerie? sexy lingerie can be described as a way of life that stimulates and aids one's sexuality and is also a lifestyle full of sexual artistic interest. Wearing sexy lingerie stimulates the vision and sensation of the sexual partner and increases one's sexual desire. The interest in sexual life is to know the artistic and emotional aspects of sexual life.


BDSM divided into bondage & discipline, dominance & submission, sadism & masochism. Before preparing to do this both sides should communicate what is feasible and what is not.

This article will introduce suitable equipment for newcomers, which are SM beginners. For example: handcuffs, ankle cuffs, collars, mouth shackles. Advanced equipment examples, whips, anal plugs, candles. In addition to these there are other intermediate and advanced equipment is not suitable for beginners, such as: rope bondage, bondage table, special apparatus, these kinds of equipment are more dangerous, complex, time-consuming when using it. Prior study and practices are needed, bondage table is also expensive.

Aftercare for BDSM is very important, especially for those who are experiencing SM for the first time.

During this aftercare time, you can hug each other, talk, and ends the previous tension, excitement of SM activities with gentle affection.