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Glass Dildos

Cleaning a glass dildo is extremely easy since it can simply be washed under running water with soap or boiled in water to effortlessly clean off any bacteria. Various types of glass can be used to manufacture dildos. The most common is Pyrex.

Also known as borosilicate glass, Pyrex does not crack under pressure or when exposed to extreme hot or cold. By this token, borosilicate glass is the only ISO certified material for sex toys. This type of glass dildo is also extremely durable and easily withstands wear and tear. Most are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Glass dildos also have the added advantage of being odor resistant. They are also known to intensify orgasms since they are more rigid and smooth than other types of materials. In fact, sex experts often recommend glass dildos for direct G-spot stimulation. More importantly, couples can choose to heat up or cool the dildo in the freezer since glass automatically absorbs the temperature to which it is exposed.

Glass dildos are hypoallergenic. They are an ideal choice for individuals who suffer from sensitivity or allergies to some materials.

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