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Premature ejaculation is a very serious problem, with over a third of men worldwide having experienced it. Premature ejaculation not only affects personal and partner sexual satisfaction but can also negatively impact the quality of sexual life, increase psychological pressure, lead to anxiety, depression, and even sexual dysfunction. In the long term, premature ejaculation can also lead to dissatisfaction or disappointment in partners and even marriage breakdowns. Since women typically require more time to reach climax, sexual intercourse is a process of mutual cooperation between men and women, and both should take responsibility instead of focusing only on one side's satisfaction.

A delay ring is one of the modern male delay products. By increasing blood circulation at the base of the penis, it can prolong erection time and delay ejaculation. The delay ring is generally made of soft, elastic materials, worn at the base of the penis, moderately compressing the blood vessels at the base of the penis to reduce the outflow of blood from the penis, thereby extending erection time, without any harm or side effects to the penis. Not only can it delay ejaculation, but wearing it during intercourse can also make women feel the protrusion rubbing against the vaginal wall and quickly achieve another climax. Some delay rings also have vibration functions, which can make the sexual intercourse process more exciting, exploring new ways of sexual intercourse.

Imagine the wonderful experience of lasting longer during sexual intercourse! Achieving this does not require relying on magical drugs or vitamins, just a suitable delay ring. This small device can help you master your rhythm, better control ejaculation time, increase your sexual stamina, and allow you and your partner to create a more profound sexual experience, enjoying a fulfilling sexual life every day.

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