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When masturbating directly with the hand, there may be damage to the spongy tissue of the male penis, as the surface of the hand is different from the structure of the vagina. The vagina is filled with elastic and lubricated tissue, while the hand may be rougher and have greater friction. Prolonged or incorrect masturbation techniques may lead to damage to the spongy tissue, resulting in penis pain, erectile dysfunction, and other issues.

To address this problem, the masturbation cup was created. An masturbation cup is a device that simulates a female vagina or mouth, with a soft, smooth internal structure that provides a sensation closer to real sexual intercourse. Compared to masturbating with the hand, using an masturbation cup can reduce direct friction on the spongy tissue, thereby lowering the risk of damage.

Masturbation cups not only provide a safe and comfortable sexual experience but also help improve the quality of male sexual life. They can help men better control ejaculation time and alleviate premature ejaculation problems. At the same time, masturbation cups provide a variety of stimulation methods, allowing men with smaller penis to experience the deepest sensations, which is impossible to achieve with a female private part. By exploring and using masturbation cups, men can gain a deeper understanding of their climax patterns, thereby enhancing the pleasure and satisfaction of sexual life.

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