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16 Jan The Ultimate Sex Toys Guide
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How well do you know about the classification of Sex toys products?Sex toys is a word class used to summarize a variety of sexual devices, including ..
02 Oct Guide To Delay Lasting
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Premature ejaculation, what do you know?Premature ejaculation refers to the occurrence of ejaculation before the penis enters the vagina, or the shor..
01 Oct How To Clean Your Sex Toys
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With proper care and maintenance, your favorite sex toys can last for years. The best way to keep your toys looking and performing like new is to kee..
10 Jul Guide To Masturbator
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Sex toys have been used for physical pleasure throughout the ages—in fact, archaeologists have uncovered some suspected early models that date to the..
15 Aug Guide To Penis Pump
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For help achieving an erection or temporarily increasing the size of your penis, consider using a penis pump. Some have a pistol-style handle for spe..
17 Nov Guide To Penis Ring
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AC-ring is a stretchy band that fits around the base of the penis, constricting blood flow for a harder, more consistent erection and heightened sens..
17 Nov Guide To Penis Extension Sleeve
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Apenis extender is just what it sounds like: a sleeve that fits over the penis to add length and girth. It is typically made from soft, flexible mate..
14 May Guide To Anal Toys
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Though they sometimes resemble a piece of jewelry, anal beads are strictly for the bedroom, and they’re a great “intro toy” for beginners. They’re us..
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