What is "frigidity?

Sexual coldness can be divided into "primary" (congenital) and "secondary" (acquired). The term "primary frigidity" refers to low sexual desire from the onset of secondary sexual characteristics and puberty onwards.Secondary frigidity, on the other hand, is a problem where there was no frigidity in the past, but it appeared later and may be related to a specific person.In addition, in general, sexual coldness is more pronounced and more common in women than in men, which may be related to innate physiology, experts say.Because men are dominated by testosterone, causing sex-related thoughts to flash through a normal man's mind about once every 15 to 30 minutes while he is awake.And so it is also theoretically true that men are prone to sex for love, while women are more likely to love for sex.

(Sexual desire may be influenced by physical, psychological and environmental states.)

Research statistics

According to statistics from a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association), 43% of women have some degree of sexual dysfunction.This compares to 31% of men, but the good news is that Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) is not a serious condition and is often treatable.

What are the dangers of sexual frigidity?

The appearance of cold sex makes men into the realm of low self-esteem, to the psychological impact caused by men is also great, while affecting the harmonious relationship between husband and wife.Sexual life is the basis of the relationship between husband and wife, is an important way of communication between husband and wife, if one party has a low libido, the other party to the sexual life is not satisfied, resulting in increased conflicts between husband and wife, affecting the relationship between husband and wife, if it is serious will lead to the destruction of the family.

Sexologist suggests 7 ways to improve sexual dysfunction

1.Communicating and listening: In fact, many people who are sexually dissatisfied overlook the importance of communication, and telling your partner your likes and dislikes is definitely a good way to solve the problem.

2.Improvement of lifestyle: This includes quitting smoking and limiting the amount of alcohol consumed; cigarettes reduce the amount of blood flow that slows down the overall blood flow and reduces blood flow, which prevents the sex organs from producing an adequate sexual response; and too much alcohol intake can also dull the sexual response.

3.Regular exercise: Exercise is also another focus, and regular exercise will not only increase your energy and improve your mood, but you will also feel more intense about sex.

4.Stress anxiety reduction: As mentioned above, stress and anxiety are a major factor in sexual function, and it is recommended that meditation or yoga can be used to reduce stress, which is believed to have an unexpected effect, and if symptoms are severe, medical consultation should be considered.

5.Use of lubricants: This is one of the quite effective and easiest things to do, yet one of the most overlooked steps, using lube can address vaginal dryness and some painful conditions of intercourse.

6.Use of props to assist: If you find it difficult to feel sexually aroused, perhaps try some sex toys to stimulate the clitoris, which generally brings very strong feelings.

7.Use of flirting gel: Boosting women private parts sensitivity and improving the private parts experience, lubricating and antibacterial treatments are positively supportive and help women develop a strong desire for sex.

The flirting gel principle

Its main ingredient, L-Arginine, is a natural amino acid that can be used externally on the vagina to promote blood circulation and enhance vaginal sensitivity and moistness feel, which can stimulate the female physiology structure sensitivity in order to shorten the time to orgasm and thus achieve pleasure.

Safety and health principles

It has obtained a number of international health licenses and certifications, strict testing indexes: skin allergy test, antibacterial index test, stringent testing, all raw materials are qualified quality inspection by the Institute of Bio-pharmaceutical Research.

How to use it effectively

Communicating what both parties need beforehand, atmosphere mood, foreplay, etc. are all important factors in a woman's orgasm. It is generally recommended to apply the "Flirt Gel" around the pubic area and on the lips of the vulva about 5-15 minutes beforehand.It's warm and moist after a light caress.Then,the clitoris and labia will also become sensitive due to increased blood circulation, and the woman is more likely to reach orgasm through foreplay and flirting with sex toys. (Dosage varies by individual)

The age of sex toys

Because sexual coldness is primarily psychological, lack of sexual desire. And the use of sex toys can be an effective stimulus from above the sexual desire.In the process of use can allow women to experience the pleasure that once sex life could not bring, can effectively increase libido, alleviate sexual frigidity can also be used to relieve sexual repression, alleviate the mental confusion, depression due to the chronic repression of sex.So, modern people should no longer look at sex toys in a discriminated way.

Enjoying sex life

It deserves better sex and don't be afraid to be horny to ruin you, you'll know the boundaries.Go to bed, be yourself, let go and play, energize yourself and your partner, play back your sexual energy, it's ok to be horny!